RV Insurance

The mountains, sunshine, and wide-open spaces of New Mexico are meant to be enjoyed by travelers. RVs, however, need insurance before you hit the road. Our team at McGonigle Insurance works with RVers in New Mexico to get the right coverage at a reasonable price.

Just like vehicles, RVs must have liability coverage. It is similar to auto policies with a few key differences. This is because while an RV operates as a vehicle, it is also a domicile. The type of policy you get will depend on the size and weight of your RV. For instance, Class A RVs are large, motors homes that are often used for more extended periods. “Camper vans” fall into the Class B category. Most mid-sized RVs are considered Class C. These are the most popular due to their economic operating costs and size.

While providing liability coverage, most RV policies will also include replacement costs if the RV is totaled in an accident or is stolen. The policy will also cover any accessories, such as awnings or a satellite dish, that is attached on the outside or roof. Personal possessions inside of the motor home are also covered. This not only includes clothing and electronics but also sports equipment and camping gear. When you meet with your agent, you should also talk about how often you and your family use the RV. If it is taken out infrequently, such as an annual family camping trip, this can affect the type and amount of policy protection that is needed.

At McGonigle Insurance, our agents want you to fully enjoy all of the wonders of nature that New Mexico offers. Owning an RV is a great way to do this while spending quality time with your family. Call our office for general information, then come by to talk with our knowledgeable agents about how to get a quote. The time to get the coverage you need is before you hit the road!