Motorcycle Insurance

Does a new motorcycle have you itching to hit the open road?

Before you take that first journey, get the right insurance in place. New Mexico law requires that you carry at least minimum liability insurance. Although the low rates of minimum liability insurance policies are tempting, a comprehensive policy will serve you better in the end. Often when a bike is financed, the lender may require that you have certain types and levels of coverage. Even if the bike is not financed, every motorcycle owner should understand their insurance options. At McGonigle Insurance, our agents help motorcycle owners in New Mexico get the coverage they need.

With a minimum liability policy, if you are in a wreck where you are deemed at fault, the policy will cover the other parties' medical and legal expenses, if they decide to sue you. If you are injured, or your bike is damaged, a minimum liability policy provides you with no coverage. Also, every policy has caps. This means if the other parties' medical expenses exceed the policy cap, you are responsible for the additional monies. A more comprehensive policy will cover your medical expenses and any repairs following an accident. You can also get protection for underinsured/uninsured motorists. Any accessories you have can also be included. This is sound financial protection should you ever get involved in a crash.

The agents at McGonigle Insurance want to make sure that every motorcyclist has the coverage that they need. In New Mexico, motorcyclists have many options when it comes to insurance. Our agents will discuss them with you and help you to understand how much coverage you realistically need. You invested in your bike and the accessories. Protect them with insurance coverage. Motorcycle insurance is a tool to protect yourself financially. Before you hit the open road, call our office for general information. Then come by and visit with one of our agents for a quote.