Motor Home Insurance

New Mexico offers beautiful landscapes and mountain areas that every family can enjoy in a motor home. At McGonigle Insurance, our agents want you and your family to enjoy every moment exploring the great outdoors. We also want you to have the right insurance on your motor home before you head out. While motor home insurance has some similarities to auto insurance, there are differences that you should understand. Our agents work with motor home enthusiasts throughout New Mexico so that they can enjoy their next adventure safely.

A motor home is a unique form of transportation when it comes to insurance. First, it is a vehicle, but it is also a temporary home. Motor home insurance policies reflect these unique aspects of motor homes. Motor home policies are designated based on the size and weight of the vehicle. Class A motorhomes are the largest and generally used long term. Many have full-size appliances and large beds. Smaller camper vans are designated as Class B. The most popular size motorhomes for families are mid-sized and fall into Class C. When you meet with your agent, they will talk to you about how you use your motorhome and how often. If you only use it once a year, there may be discounts available to defray the costs.

Motorhome policies will include liability and collision coverage. Personal injury is included. Replacement coverage is available should the motor home be stolen or totaled in an accident. Your policy should also cover your personal effects. This includes not only clothing and electronics but also sporting and camping equipment. Lastly, the policy should protect anything that is attached to the motor home, such as antennae, satellite equipment, and awnings.

At McGonigle Insurance, our agents want you to enjoy all that New Mexico has to offer. Call or come by our offices to discuss your options and learn how to get a quote. Our agents will get you the coverage you need before you set off on your next adventure.