Home Insurance

Homeowners' insurance is a crucial way to protect your most important investment. Several possible situations can cause damage to your home, or you can be named as a defendant in a lawsuit for something that happens on your property. In either of these situations, it is possible to get the coverage that will cover your losses and prevent additional issues. McGonigle Insurance is available to answer your questions and provide superior coverage throughout the state of New Mexico.

Protection from weather and natural disasters

Most areas experience some severe weather throughout the year, whether it is caused by wind, snow, ice, rain, hail, or extreme heat. The structure of a home can become damaged by the weather and require expensive property repairs. The most important aspect of your policy is that you will only have to pay a deductible out of pocket, and the policy will cover the rest of your losses.

Accidents that involve guests or others on your property

Homeowners insurance also provides various kinds of protection from lawsuits and legal action. Most homeowner's policies will have liability coverage against lawsuits for a specific amount that is written into your policy. This means that if someone is injured in an accident on your property, the insurance company will pay out the damages in the lawsuit so that you do not have to pay the victim personally. This can be beneficial in several situations, especially if the homeowner has pets or young children, or even a large property where people could be injured.

Get coverage that matches your personal needs today

If your home needs coverage or you are thinking about switching home insurance providers in New Mexico, contact McGonigle Insurance. A knowledgeable agent who serves your area will suggest a policy that works best based on your situation.